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söndag 12 juni 2016

Eight months since last post

That's far to long if one wants people to remind who one is.

Well I'v had lots of trouble with both the old computer and the new one. So much that I just divorced them for several months and lost all the inspiration of creating anything in 3D what so ever. And besides I've been quite sick during the last 6-7 months, not deadly but troublesome and tiresome.
Enough wining :-)

Finally I got my 3D program to get to work within my new computer and slowly I found my inspiration and joy again, so I'll share just a couple of things today.

First my new favorite STAR. I have a thing for toons ;-) She's wearing a vintage outfit  and I think she's so cute.  

You can download her HERE.  

The next download is because I was creating a new image from an old one, created years ago. 
I wanted to do something different. In the download there's the four images you see in this image. 


The download link is HERE

'Til next time. Be blessed, friends. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My tubes are FREE but a link to your creations or a Thanx is always appreciated. /TLD