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tisdag 22 januari 2013

I almost gave up

I've had troubles, on and off, with my computers for a couple of years ... went from Linux to XP to Win7, bought x-tra HDDs for safe up-backing of my stuff. Somewhere along the line something went wrong and the HHD that were supposed to safe keep my stuff just ... didn't ... it was EMPTY????? And stupid as I was I didn't check before I emptied the old one! I lost 1G off my most presious thing, resourses, my 3D renders  all my templates ....
 So therefor ... I almost gave up. Now about 6 - 8 months has passed since the catastrophe and I'm out of mourning and anger and beginning to be friends with my 'puter again.
But for starters I need to re-install the Poser-stuff so I can can start rendering new images. That will take a LOT of time before it's done. So please be patient with me <3

I've just downloaded a cute free figure, Pippin, and she will be my first gift to you to create cute tags or ... whatever you'll like to do.
Click on the image to see a larger version. Download link under

You can download her HERE.
Love to see your work!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My tubes are FREE but a link to your creations or a Thanx is always appreciated. /TLD