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torsdag 23 januari 2014

Long time ...

It's been a long three months since I last updated.

It's been autumn, Thanksgiving (we don't have that in Sweden), Christmas, New Year ... and I've been sick a lot.

But I had in mind, for quite a while now, to upload some more tubes/png's. And since it is winter, still the tubes have winter motives.

First out is Mavka. The other day I had a couple of hours of fun with her, making her play with a chess piece and a pretty lamp. Perhaps the chess piece is made of ice? And the beautiful lamp shines perfectly in the dark :-)

Download Mavka with lamp HERE
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Mavka playing with Chess piece HERE
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I've uploaded this cute skiing blue guy before, but he seemed so lonely so I made a girl for him. And now he looks very happy. Doesn't he.
You can look at him and download HERE.
Download them HERE
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... and he loves her <3 ... and she's happy too. 

Download her HERE

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My tubes are FREE but a link to your creations or a Thanx is always appreciated. /TLD

onsdag 22 januari 2014

My TOU - UPPDATED January 2014

These tubes were created by me and are not to be uploaded as they are to any other site or claimed as your own work. You may not share them as they are in any groups.
You can NOT include them AS THEY ARE in any CD's or DVD's.

I own the original tube as it is, and you are given permission to use these tubes for your own personal use.

The resulting image is not to be used for financial gain or reward or contained in any CD's, unless you first contact me.

Where it states the final image is yours, please do not offer exclusively unless your image is drastically different from the one that I made. I do not want to be asked why I have a copy of their "exclusive" image, nor should others who have used my tubes be asked the same.

NEW: You may use my images in scrap kits ONLY IF you're sharing them for FREE and give the credit I've earned. NO COMMERCIAL USE!

If you have any questions concerning my Terms of Use, please feel free to email me.

Thank you for taking the time to read these terms.
I hope you enjoy my tubes and above all ~ Have Fun.

If you want to link to me, you can use these textlinks;

or HERE where you find linklogos to choose from.

Thank you for likeing and downloading my work!
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My tubes are FREE but a link to your creations or a Thanx is always appreciated. /TLD