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onsdag 24 juni 2009

Finally - New MEMBER tubes

My life is getting a bit less hectic. I'm learning my new job and are getting the hang of it more and more.
We now have moved to the new apartement and most of our stuff are getting in its right places.

But it is Summer and that is for me and my hubbie a hectic time of the year. Our motorcycle club is very active and today we're going to Norway for six days. That will be a trip of 2 * 830 kilometers.

My problem isn't time to create new tubes for you. It is getting time to upload them and then tell you it is done.
But now it is ... ;)

Here's a preview of the new MEMBER-tubes. You can see bigger images here and all the other tubes I've made earlier.

There's a link to my FREE tubes there also.

All MEMBERS have got an emailupdate with the download link.




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